At Orchard Junior we teach every child the importance of good spelling, embedding what they will have learnt previously at their infant school.

We want every child to be a good speller and to take a keen interest in the spelling and meaning of words. Being a good speller boosts a child's confidence; relying on spell checkers and other gadgets is no substitute for learning the art of spelling.

As children go through Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6), they are taught to spell increasingly complex words; many of which do not conform to regular rules or patterns. The national curriculum sets out the type of words children should typically be able to spell by the end of Year 4 and Year 6. These lists are included alongside other resources below. More detail of how this develops throughout your child's time in the primary years can be read in the document 'National Curriculum - Spellings Appendix' below.

Being a good speller requires regular practice and attention to detail. Parents can support the work of the school by practising the spellings your child brings home each week. The list for the current half-term is available below. If you would like any additional information or support, please speak with your child's class teacher.

Chris Parker,
4 Apr 2019, 05:55