Information in the event of Snow or any other reason that may cause a closure (e.g. boiler failure)

At Orchard we have a robust process in place should we need to close the School. There will be liaison between the Infant and the Junior school, and usually Noadswood too. The school will remain open if possible, but will close if:

·         It is dangerous for people to get to school or dangerous at school

·         A majority of staff and/ or students are unable to get to school


Firstly, we always advise parents that if heavy snow is forecast for the next day for you to make contingency plans in the event of a snow closure. It is hoped that this can help alleviate some of the stresses that some families experience with a snow closure.

Sometimes conditions can change rapidly before school and an initial decision to open may be reversed.  Our website and the Hampshire County Council School Closure website will be updated as soon as we know – usually between 7am and 7.30am after first light. Information about all schools, showing if they are open or closed, is on the LA School Closure website. This is especially helpful if you have children at more than one school. The link to this website is:

·         One of the best ways to also keep yourself up-to-date is to use the School’s own website. We will endeavour to update our website regularly and will not only say if the school is closed but, on days where there is any doubt, will confirm that the school is open if this is the case. The advantage of the school website is that staff can update it even when they cannot get to School themselves;

·         Radio stations - Wave 105 FM radio and BBC Radio Solent - will do their best to broadcast a list of any schools that are closed; in the past they have also published a list on their websites;

·         We will endeavour to use “Parentmail”, the school's email link, for those parents who have signed up. Parentmail themselves, however, can experience inevitable delays in the event of many schools all trying to use their service at once;

·         Please avoid phoning the school as it may not be possible to ‘man the phones’, however we will change the answerphone message if possible;

If, during a normal school day, it becomes necessary to request parents to collect early due to deteriorating conditions, we will send out emails and texts, as well as post information on the School’s website. We will only telephone when there are far fewer children to be collected.

If the School does decide to open, it is obviously for parents to decide whether the trip to school is safe for their children.