Curriculum - By Subject

The Religious Education is planned using the Hampshire agreed syllabus ‘Living Difference’. This Agreed Syllabus is based upon understanding and responding to the key concepts within the major religious traditions and non-religious beliefs represented in Great Britain.

In Living Difference concepts are divided into three groups: 

  • ‘A’ concepts that are common to all human experience, (for example: freedom, power or sacrifice); 
  • ‘B’ concepts that are shared by many religions and are used in the study of religion, (for example: God, worship, symbolism, the sacred); and
  • ‘C’ concepts that are specific to particular religions, (for example: Umma, Resurrection, Torah)

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from RE, although we would encourage dialogue with the school before making this decision.

British Values form an implicit part of RE teaching. More details on how we teach about British Values can be found by clicking here.

The assessment materials for RE are being updated during the Autumn Term 2016. These will be shared on this website when available.

Chris Parker,
23 Jun 2016, 00:51