Curriculum - By Subject

At Orchard we believe that it is important to make sure children and young people have the skills they need to grow up as healthy individuals who can make informed decisions about their lives. PSHE lessons at Orchard help to promote both the physical and emotional wellbeing of all children. Planning covers emotional health and wellbeing, financial awareness, sex and relationship education, drug, tobacco and alcohol education, bullying and citizenship, at a level appropriate to the children’s age. Opportunities to further development within these areas take place throughout the curriculum including PE and Science.

Focused Sex Education is based on the science curriculum where studies focus on the main stages of the human life cycle and the processes common to humans and animals, including growth and reproduction.

Parents of the year 5 and 6 pupils are invited to a meeting prior to the focused Sex Education module. They are consulted on the plans and have as opportunity to view, understand and discuss any teaching materials prior to their use in the classroom.

We know transition times are key for the children and we work hard to ensure the children in Year 3 settle quickly. When moving onto Secondary school we prepare the children, and where more support may be needed for a child we work closely with the feeder school and utilise the 'On The Right Track' programme. As part of the transition we look at key areas that will help the children understand themes that they may need extra preparation for or reassurance on, including different types of bullying.

School visits, residential trips, community events, sports, art and music clubs and events are all ways in which the PSHE curriculum is further supported. Our School Council ensures that children are actively involved in making decisions and discussing issues surrounding their health, friendships and wellbeing. PSHE is one of the many ways in which we support the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our children.

Chris Parker,
6 Dec 2016, 08:41