Our latest Parent Survey took place during the Spring Term of 2016.

As a School, we are very proud of the work we do and value these opportunities for feedback and these have been discussed at the Governing Body.

One question we are always keen to ask is about what parents value the most about Orchard. Here are their replies...

What do you value most about Orchard?


§    Good relationship between teachers and parents. Good handling of new students in school.

§    Parental Involvement

§    Approachable, friendly staff team who recognise children's individuality.

§    Open door policy, staff always helpful and responsive to any concerns or queries. My son has been happy here and never says he doesn't want to go school. If we have had any concerns or any serious issues have come up the school has  dealt with it very well.

§    The open house and friendliness of all staff. Easy to talk to staff and teachers when concerns arise

§    All the pupils are valued and encouraged to do their best.

§    The safe and welcoming environment for the children and parents. My child and previous child have both enjoyed their time at this school.

§    The emphasis on involving children in a range of activities so that they understand that learning does not only happen in a classroom. Access to clubs that develop children's skills and sense of competence in areas other than academic, for example sports clubs and choir. My daughter is thriving with [staff name] as her teacher and I am very grateful for [staff name] hard work and for understanding how to encourage and motivate [child’s name].

§    I like that they realise that he is not doing enough, but, instead of abandoning him, they are helping him to sort it out.

§    There is a healthy balance between academic achievement/study and sport/music etc. There are many routes to success and I think the number of non academic  clubs available is very valuable. Sport in particular, teaches so many essential life skills that academic subjects do not and I am very grateful to the time that teachers put into this outside their teaching hours.

§    an education / school i can trust friendly staff

§    The time, care, reporting back to us and flexibility provided to [child’s name] especially from [staff name] and the relationship she has built, nurtured and developed with [child’s name] .

§    The positive happy and approachable office staff The interaction between child and teacher.

Chris Parker,
16 Sep 2014, 06:55