Our latest Parent Survey and separate Pupil Survey took place during the Autumn Term of 2018. 

As a School, we are very proud of the work we do and value these opportunities for feedback. Both surveys have been discussed at the Governing Body. In the meantime, the results of both surveys can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Governing Body's response, particularly looking at some of the suggested areas for modification, was published in March 2019 in the Governing Body's termly newsletter, The Branch.

One question we are always keen to ask is about what parents value the most about Orchard. Here are all the replies to this question...

What do you value most about Orchard?

Lovely atmosphere. A happy place to be.

My child is nurtured

The sense of community

The staff - so approachable and understanding.

Openness and always willing to help. Viewing all children as individuals and recognising strengths, both academic and personal.

Senco support

Regular information being sent out via newsletter what is happening at the school as kids don’t tell you anything! This information means I can have conversations about school with the kids. It’s a very welcoming school; all emails I have sent are replied within 24 hours or quicker. You are more willing to use different social media to show what the school is doing, and still keeping within safeguarding guidelines. This show a lot of effort and passion from teachers who contribute to this, as most schools don’t bother.

Great organisation

Well run, maintained and organised school with great learning and teaching. Child is happy.

Well rounded and inclusive teaching lots of extra activities and approachable

The friendly atmosphere that the school provides

My child is still relatively new so hard to say

How welcoming and nurturing all the members of staff are towards the children and parents

That my daughter is excited to come to school and how well she is being treated.

That my child is treated as an individual and not just a tick box for Ofsted

My child is happy to attend school each day and speaks highly of his teacher.

My daughter is doing so well academically

The extra support given when a child needs it. The multiple ways they try to achieve an outcome. Patience.

<Teacher’s Name>

The level of teaching

Friendly and nurturing

The staff

It is friendly and inclusive. The reception area feels welcoming and staff there are always helpful and speak respectfully to parents and children. There are a lot of activities for the children to join in with and I appreciate the focus on keeping this broad range of experiences going as much as possible during year 6.

It is friendly and there is a lot for the children to do, clubs and things like that

Friendly ethos, quality of teaching

Excellent communication and support

Core values

The relationship between the school and parents. Being able to talk openly to

all staff about concerns

They are very friendly and approachable

The caring community feel.

Good communication

Its nurturing environment with strict values around appropriate behaviour

It’s ethics and policies

The teachers

Teaching staff and methods

They treat the children with respect

The sense of community and approachable nature of all staff

Very welcoming school, all the staff are lovely, they go out of there to help and support my child, my son came to this school at the start of year 5, and has made so much progress!

They push the children to excel! Amazing staff

How forced the staff in achieving the best for the children

Friendly, nurturing staff

For child; range of learning and extra-curricular opportunities and for me as a parent: the approachability of staff.

It's a happy and caring environment for my child, with excellent teachers who recognise each child as an individual. Also I feel the school has a whole has a lovely feel to it. Everyone is always welcoming whenever we go in. The communication between parents and the school is brilliant and we are always invited to see the children's work etc. This is my second child to go to the school and I know that orchard will give her the best tools for moving into secondary school eventually, like it did with my son.

The focus on being good citizens

Professionalism of the teaching staff.

High standards

The fact the teachers care for the pupils, they are very encouraging and supportive towards my daughter’s education & emotional needs.


Support for pupils

The teaching staff

Teachers having time to talk to parents

each child is individual

The closeness of the staff and pupils


Child being happy and feeling included!

Teachers being available to talk to when needed

My children have all been happy to come to school and, with the exception of one teacher, have had a good academic year and reached their true potential

How they care, nature and encourage the children to become kind, thoughtful individuals and to be the best that they can be.

Everything, no faults

The staff! Teachers, class based support staff and receptionists. They are all an asset to the school.

A family oriented environment, office staff who are helpful and supportive.

The love and passion that the majority of the teachers give.

Overall feeling of the school is positive and inclusive. Great atmosphere when you go in. The children obviously love being there.

My child is happy at school and is keen to learn

Its proximity; Good teaching

It's caring, safe environment

The teachers make themselves available for meetings with parents. The school puts a huge amount of effort into PSHE.

It is a friendly and well led school

The support offered to vulnerable children.

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14 Feb 2019, 07:13
Chris Parker,
14 Feb 2019, 06:55