Our School Library sits right at the heart of our school. We believe the investment we have made in our Library reflects the importance we place on reading for pleasure within the school. We hope the children find it a vibrant and welcoming place to come and browse for a book. The children are encouraged to borrow books regularly and are given the opportunity to read every day.

The children can view the School Library Catalogue online, which means they can search for books they would like to read and write reviews about books they have read. Having the library accessible in this way and getting parents engaged with reading will help to support our commitment to improving our students’ literacy standards.

To log into the library system from any computer with internet access, the children will need to know their library barcode number and follow the instructions below:

1. Click this link:


Go to https://apps.libresoft.co.uk/8502248-mp375qnndaj2qa5lpv4p-ojs

2. Type the user’s barcode number in the box in the middle of the screen. If they don’t know this by heart, they can find it in the folders in the library at school.

3. You will then need to enter a password. All the children’s passwords start with 96ch and are then followed with four more letters – the first two letters of their first name (upper case for the first letter and lower case for the second letter) and the first two letters of their last name (upper case for the first letter and lower case for the second letter. For example, the password for a child called Henry Jones would be 96chHeJo (for a child called Peter O’Murphy it would be 96chPeO’)

Once they have logged into the system, pupils can easily leave a review on one of the recent books by clicking the ‘Leave Review’ button alongside the book. If they want to leave a review of a book not listed in their recent books you can find it in the catalogue by clicking Catalogue along the top of the screen. You can then use the Search function on the right hand side to help you find the book. Once a review has been submitted, it will be sent to the School Librarian to approve before appearing on the website so don’t panic if it doesn’t show immediately.

Mrs Rowlandson, the School Librarian, is available after school on a Friday until 3:45pm. Please feel free to come along if you wish to chat with her about your child’s reading or if you would like to browse the books in the library with your child.

Every Friday we are visited by Woody the therapy dog who is part of a programme called Read 2 Dog. Selected children are invited to come and read to Woody with consent from their parents. This is often one of the highlights of the week for these children.


We have been very busy in our quest to encourage the children to enjoy reading for pleasure.

More children than ever took part in the Summer Reading Challenge at their local library.  We celebrated World Book Day with an Extreme Reading com
petition and prizes were given for the most unusual places to read.

Guy Bass cutting the ribbon to officially open our School Library.

 During the year a wide range of people from the world of literacy have visited our school, including award winning authors Dan Freedman, Paul Geraghty and Ali Sparkes, who was accompanied by her illustator Nina Lazarski.

Another very popular visitor to our School is local author and illustrator, Simon Chadwick, who wowed us all with his amazing cartooning skills.

We have had some lovely storytelling events too.  Year 3 and Year 4 were treated to tales from local storyteller, Christobel Thomas.  

We also held a special event in December, when children returned to school during the evening in their pyjamas for festive stories and hot chocolate around the Christmas tree.

We have enjoyed two visits from the wonderful 2 Steves (Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore), who put on amazing iHero and Action Dog shows and hosted creative writing workshops with some of our pupils.

It has been a very enjoyable and busy time in the Library and we would like to thank parents for all their support with the many events and for helping to develop a love of reading with the children.