We are very proud of the hard work that has recently gone into developing our Curriculum which incorporates the National Curriculum 2014 for English

Language is fundamental to all aspects of children’s home and school life. We aim to develop and extend language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. By the end of their time at Orchard, our children should be able to express themselves confidently both orally and in writing.


At Orchard, it is our aim to make writing as meaningful as possible. We plan writing opportunities with a clear purpose and audience and teach the children to adjust their writing style accordingly. We want our children to be creative with their words and ensure that what they write has an impact on their audience. We also teach formal aspects of grammar, spelling and handwriting as outlined in the National Curriculum. Within their writing units, there is a heavy emphasis on planning and editing so that the children have enough time to produce their very best. More detail on Spellings can be found by clicking here.


We have a wonderful library at Orchard and work really hard to foster a love of reading in each and every child. We aim for all the children to be fluent, confident readers with a clear comprehension of what they have read by the time they leave us in Year 6. We teach reading as a specific skill and monitor progress carefully. We also place huge importance on the children reading with adults at home and each child has a reading record book in which this reading is recorded.

Speaking and Listening

At Orchard, we develop safe environments where the children feel comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions. Across the curriculum, we encourage them to listen carefully to others, ask questions, justify their opinions and argue points of view. Presentations are also planned into units of work to develop confidence in public speaking.