Example Resources we use in School   How to Set Up Parental Controls

Essential videos for parents to watch from CEOP (click the pictures):

 Do You Know Where I Am?
Where's Klaus?
 Beware of the Cyber Playground
Do you know where I am?
(all ages)
Meet Becky 
Appropriate for parents of children at Junior School (8-11)
 Visit Klaus' Home
Appropriate for parents of children at Junior School (8-11)

We value ICT within our school and encourage our children to experience different ways of accessing technology.  From laptops and tablets through to iPods and chromebooks, our children are able to access a wealth of resources and explore different technologies to suit their learning styles.

The eSafety of our children is of paramount importance to the school and something that we monitor and revisit regularly. Alongside eSafety lessons we also invite various community representatives to come and talk about e-safety to the children. Along with this the children are asked to read and sign an acceptable use policy which highlights the responsibility of our pupils to be good digital citizens. This can be downloaded below.  We also work closely with the local authority to ensure that we are up to date with current advice and practice.  Our eSafety Policy explains how we do this and is available for you to download in the policies section of the website. 

We know that parents and carers will also be very concerned that their children are protected and safe when using the Internet, both in school and at home.  We have added some useful websites below that contain information on how to keep your children safe, tips on how to initiate conversations around the subject of eSafety and specific advise on online gaming.  We also hold various parents evening where we will try and and share eSafety tips with our parents and carers.

A copy of our e-safety policy can be read by clicking here, which includes the Rules we ask children and parents to sign.

We hold an internet safety evening/ presentation, relevant for parents of all years, each year. The slideshow and resources used in the presentation can be read by clicking here. 

There are plenty of websites to give parents further advice. Some of these are:

CEOP: www.ceop.gov.uk

Think You Know: www.thinkyouknow.co.uk

Get New Wise: www.getnetwise.org

Digizen: www.digizen.org

Safer Internet: www.saferinternet.org.uk

Kidsmart: www.kidsmart.org.uk

Childnet: www.childnet.com