We aim to support families and encourage all children to enjoy school and feel happy and secure. We employ three specially trained Teaching Assistants to work as ELSAs to support these children.

Who can we help?

  • Children who are experiencing difficult times or are withdrawn or anxious
  • Parents/Carers whose children are reluctant to attend school
  • Parents/Carers experiencing difficulties with their child’s behaviour
  • Families who are reacting to change such as parental separation, a new family member or bereavement.
  • Parents/Carers who may need support on a wide range of issues or difficulties impacting on family life; e.g. Illness, domestic violence, disability, financial difficulties

How can we help?

  • Promote positive behaviour
  • One to one support and advice
  • Help with links between home and school
  • Help support your child through difficult times
  • Guide you towards other sources of help and advice
  • Provide information on support groups.

All information received will be treated with respect and kept confidential, unless it meets statutory thresholds for us to pass onto other agencies. 

Should we feel it necessary to share this information, it will only be shared with other professionals.

Please contact either Hilary Dicks, Vanessa Bond or Amanda Bouchard at elsa@orchardjunior.com, or call on the main school number.