The Education Act 2002 Section 29 (1) (a) and (b) requires governing bodies to have procedures to deal with complaints not covered by other existing statutory requirements and to publicise these procedures


In the spirit of positive links with parents*, we believe that a complaints procedure enables concerns to be dealt with in an open and professional manner, ultimately benefiting children’s education. (*includes carers, also community facility users, neighbours, students and visitors)


1. To provide channels for complaints concerning the school curriculum and related matters.

2. To ensure complaints are dealt with efficiently and in a professional manner.

3. To provide a clear procedure for complainants, staff and governors


There are four stages of complaint:

Preliminary - Classteacher

Stage 1 - Headteacher

Stage 2 - Chair of Governors

Stage 3 - Governing Body Panel

 This Policy does not cover complaints about the following issues, for which there are specific statutory regulations:

  • the LA's decisions on special educational needs (SEN) assessments and school placements
  • school admissions and transfers
  • exclusions
  • employment
  • staff disciplinary issues
  • financial impropriety or other criminal activity
  • alleged child abuse; in this case action must follow Child Protection Guidance through the child protection officer in the school.

 Preliminary – Class Teacher

At the earliest possible time, parents should arrange an appointment to discuss their concerns with the child’s teacher, the person with greatest knowledge of both the child and events in school. Teachers may record the concern and agree action to be taken. This should enable problems to be sorted out quickly to everyone’s satisfaction.

Stage 1 – Head Teacher

If parents are not satisfied following discussions with the class teacher they may bring their concern to the head teacher either by making an appointment or in writing. The headteacher will record the concern and agreed action to be taken. Written complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and a full response within 20 working days. Full discussion should enable a complaint to be resolved informally.

Stage 2 – Chair of Governors

Similarly the chair of governors is available separately to discuss and resolve parents’ complaints in a personal and direct manner. Governors will always encourage parents to approach the Headteacher first, if they have not already done so. If appropriate the chair will speak with the headteacher and all three parties can meet together. Dealing with matters informally does not mean that the concerns are not taken seriously, or that agreed actions will not be followed through.

Stage 3 - Formal complaint to the Governing Body

Parents will need to make the complaint in writing and send it to the clerk of the governing body. The complaint will involve an independent and impartial review by a panel of governors, usually three. They will not previously have been involved in any detailed discussion of the complaint. The parent may have to produce evidence to support their complaint. The parent will be informed of the panel’s decision in writing within 10 working days of the panel’s meeting.

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