Upcoming Christmas Events:

Year 5 Victorian Carols around the Tree: Tuesday 17th December at 2.30pm
Whole School - Christmas Day! - Stalls and Christmas Lunch - Wacky Hats and Jumpers: Wednesday 18th December
Year 4 - Story around the Tree - Wednesday 18th December - 5.30-6.30pm
Year 4 - Listen to Me Concert! - Thursday 19th December 2.15pm

End of Term - Friday 20th December at 3.20pm. School Resumes - Monday 6th January at 8.50am.

Welcome to Orchard Junior School! 

We pride ourselves, here at Orchard, on the open and special atmosphere 
that is at the heart of our School. 

It helps to motivate each and every one of us in what we do. We have:

Wonderful children, growing and learning to become the future

Parents who want their children to do their best and to become kind and caring individuals

Staff who are child centred and dedicated to their profession

Governors who are committed to promoting the best for all.